1992 Dodge B350 Class B Motorhome

1992 Dodge B350 Class B Motorhome.

Some of the features include:

Propane stovetop with 2 burners
Washer/Dryer combo
Ceiling AC/Heater Unit
Private Restroom
Full length mirror
Storage cabinets
Bluetooth stereo with Pioneer speakers
Two external front led Light bars
200 watt Solar System
Completely updated inside with full led lights.

I bought this van about 3 months ago and have gone through the drive train as well as the camper systems with a fine toothed comb. Unfortunately, me and my girlfriend have decided to upgrade to something larger, and as much as we love this van I just don’t have the need for it anymore. Even with all of the added work and goodies I’m just trying to get back what we paid for it. Outside of some water damage from a leaking water line, this van is in great shape. It is very comfortable for 2 people to live in full time and even has a new Memory Foam Mattress that has been covered since purchased (has never touched the skin or sweat of a person). As you can see in the pictures, it is a very unique RV and it turns heads everywhere I go. It is a great conversation starter (if you’re interested in that) and it is also extremely stealthy at night, which is useful when boondocking. I personally know the struggle when looking for a camper van so I am going to be extremely detailed and transparent in order to help if you aren’t in my area. This van will be sold on a first come first serve basis, if you are planning on traveling to come look at it I will accept a deposit to hold the van for you.


I’ll go over a few of the things I have done to the camper and then list some of the parts that have been replaced. Keep in mind all of the work, outside the brake booster, rear brake rebuild, and water system replacements done as preventative work to prep for a few trips around the US.

Full Seafoam treatment to motor and fuel system with a fully synthetic oil change after. Transmission oil and filter change. Changed rear differential oil as well as both driveshaft seals while I had the driveshaft down. Full cooling system flush and refill. Replaced leaking valve cover gaskets and cleaned the motor. Replaced sway-bar bushings and linkage. Added rear suspension leaf spring upgrade. Completely rebuilt rear brakes with new shoes, calipers, and springs. Replaced the brake booster. Had all propane lines tested for safety. Completely replaced the fresh water system, this includes all new Pex 100 psi waterline, all new valves, and a new shurflow 55psi water pump. Replaced the faucet with a new removable head. Replaced roof AC fan motor.

To wrap things up I’ll answer a few questions that I asked on almost every van I looked at and cover any issues.

Does everything work? Yes, everything works, I know this seems silly but the amount of times I went to look at a “everything works van” only to have something broken seems countless.
Is there anything wrong mechanically? No, everything seems to be in perfect working order. But in some places the van shows its age, if the van is in park and the is no tension on the transmission the van doesn’t see it as being in park and wont crank. All you do is shift it to natural and it starts right up. Ive had this looked at and it is a common issue that just comes with age. On occasion the van will throw a check engine light at start up, but goes away if you turn it off and back on. I haven’t had this issues since I changed the brake booster so I assume it was that vacuum leak but I feel it is still worth noting. There is a “maintenance required” light that says on. This is a reminder light built in by dodge that comes on every 10k miles reminding you to do upkeep. Dodge is also the only one that can turn it off for a fee. I learned to live with it.
What don’t I like about it? The van is a little noisy going down the road but some quick research shows this is common in all camper vans. And personally I’m not a huge fan of hard floors.
What would I change about it? I would paint all of the white black but my girlfriend like the white other than that there isn’t anything i would change about it. I would add a propane hot water heater and a really good inverter to fully take advantage of the solar system and I would build a tall cabinet above the fridge.

Lastly a few dimensions to help size the van out. The video is shot with a GoPro in order to show as much as possible but warps the image in a fish eye way.
From floor to celling the living area is inch 64’ tall
The bed is by 71’x58’
The bathroom is 24’x28’x63’
If you have any questions at all please feel free to ask! I have included a link to a video of the van that includes a tour and shows all of the systems working! Thanks for looking!

Here are some of the parts with pricing that have been replaced within the past 8 months:

Fresh Water Pump,Lines,Fittings $180
Battery $75
Brand New Alternator $140
4 New Tires $700
Aftermarket Steering Stabilizer $80
Brake Master Cylinder $25
Break Booster $120
Both Front Brake Calipers $45
Ceramic Brake Pads $70
Both Brake Rotors and Hub Assemblies $100
New Shoes, Springs, and Calipers in the Rear $100
Rear Leaf support springs $255
Wheel Bearings $30
All Spark Plugs and Custom Spark Plug Wires $100
Valve cover gaskets
Air Filter $10
Fuel Filter $20
Oil Filter $10
Moog Drag Link $66
4 Moog Tie Rod Ends $200
2 Moog Tie Rod End Adjusting Sleeves $25
All New Moog Bushings $30
All belts $50
AC Repair
Roof AC Condenser Motor $160
AC Compressor $360
AC Vacuum Pump $170
AC Receiver Drier $22
AC Expansion Valve $15
Solar Power System
2 Renogy 100W Solar Panels $250
Battery Bank (4 High-end Golf Cart Batteries) $700
Renogy Rover MPPT Solar Charge Controller $130
Branch Connectors $12
Wires $44
Mounting Brackets $24
Cable Entry Piece $24
Exterior Paint Job $600
Tail Light Assembly $40
Spare Tire Cover $15
42" Curved LED Light Bar $32
52" Curved LED Light Bar $32
And much more!

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