Financing for your RV

Elements of a Loan

RVDaily has partnered with our friends at SeaDream Finance to provide a variety of financing options to meet your needs. Click the link below to apply and find out how they can help you finance your RV.

Benefits of Private Party RV Financing

The process is simple and more secure than paying cash. When utilizing a RV Financing Specialist you have an industry expert to help guide you through the process. The lender’s involvement will give you access to their resources and experience. This assistance will often prove to be invaluable at identifying potential problems with the RV’s value or the current owner’s paperwork.

It’s also possible to finance an RV purchased from a private party with a previous lien. In this scenario, the lender will coordinate with the seller’s current lien holder and arrange payment at the time of funding. The process is seamless and any additional funds beyond the payoff get sent directly to the seller. Since the lender will also have an interest in the payoff, they will ensure that the payoff is handled efficiently.

Title Transfer

In addition, they will normally save you time by handling the paperwork for the title transfer and payment to the seller. The lender will coordinate the details of the sale, often working with the seller directly. This approach will not only save the buyer the hassle of dealing with the details but also helps to avoid mistakes which could prove costly in a cash transaction.

Financing Terms

Almost all RV loans are offered without a prepayment penalty. This will give you the flexibility of paying off the loan at anytime without being stuck with future interest charges. So whether you need a long term loan, something for a few months or somewhere in between you will be in control of how much interest is paid.

RV financing is available to a wide variety of credit profiles regardless of whether you are buying from a dealer or private party. As to be expected, well qualified applicants will have access to the best rates but people with credit challenges are able to get reasonable rates as well. Your RV financing specialist will be able to review your credit profile and match it up with the best program while minimizing credit inquiries.

RV ownership should be fun and relaxing. The reason to buy an RV is to enjoy your time off. The buying process should not be a chore either. Nor should you need to over extend your budget in order to get competitive financing. Now you can finance an RV from a private party, take advantage of the great price and start planning your first trip.

Consider getting pre-approved for your RV loan—it could help in negotiation.