Understanding the Ins and Outs of RV Insurance

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Marty Adair likes three things most about his specialized RV insurance brokerage, RVInsurances.com: 1. He gets to travel vicariously through his clients’ travels in the U.S., Mexico and Canada; 2. He is allowed to be of service when people really need him; and 3. He knows where to find specialized RV insurance to fit each unique situation, while saving his client’s money.

That’s the kind of independent, personal-service, niche-coverage, business-smart insurance provider RV owners should look for.

Marty, whose been specializing in RV insurance for more than eight years, searches meticulously among many specialty RV insurance providers to ensure he has exactly what his RV clients need.

“I am passionate about the RV insurance industry, and we really care about the people we work with,” Adair said. “They rely on us to be there for them when they need help — we are someone to lean on when things unexpectedly get rough. For a lot of our clients this is just not an RV, it is their home.

Based in Temecula, California, RVInsurances.com serves customers across the nation with a wide variety of insurance needs. From the full-time motorhome owner to the weekend traveler, we can insure it all.

How to Avoid Inadequate RV Insurance

Over the years, Adair has discovered a number of potential pitfalls RV owners can fall into when it comes to selecting insurance coverages including:

Insuring an RV on your Personal Auto policy - Many RV owners insure the RV with the same company their auto/truck/home insurance is placed with in hopes of making the process easy and getting a discount. What they don’t realize is, the potential to leaving themselves grossly underinsured in the event of a loss. Would you buy a renters insurance policy on your home?

Failing to Read Exclusions - It is common, most insureds do not completely read the fine print of the insurance contract. “RVers should at least read the exclusions,” Adair suggested. “Then, at least you know, if it’s NOT in the exclusions, it potentially could be covered.” He suggests reading the policy and checking reviews on insurance companies before signing on the dotted line—get to know your company before you do business with them.

Inadequate Coverage - Many RV owners fail to carry enough insurance to cover their actual needs. This can be a very serious issue, for example, in the rare event someone is hurt or killed in an RV accident and an owner is sued. You could not only lose your RV but your home and everything they have worked so hard to achieve. So it is very important as an insurance agent to get to know the client before recommending any insurance coverage. When it comes to protecting the RV most owners will not be able to withstand the cost of replacing an RV in a total loss unless they have full replacement cost insurance. “We talk about these issues from the very beginning,” Adair explained. We work hard to find out all of the owner’s needs and circumstances before recommending a best-fit policy.”

Selecting High-Volume Providers - Some providers promote the fact that they have a high volume of customers, but Adair cautions that this can reduce the quality of customer service which is very important. “We don’t collect customers, we keep customers,” Adair said.

Adair and his agency get to know the potential customer first by asking detailed questions, that way we can offer adequate coverages to meet specific needs. In addition to gathering information, RVInsurances.com takes the time to explain and educating customers about their RV coverage, so they can advocate for themselves more easily when facing a situation that requires use of their policy. RV owners should look for personalized customer service in an insurance brokerage.

Types of Specialized RV Insurance -

Once the information about the RV owner is gathered, RVInsurances.com selects an appropriate policy from any one of a number of providers the brokerage works with. One of the benefits of being independent brokerage is being able to offer multiple insurance companies.

Below is a partial list of specialized coverage’s that your current company my not offer.

  • Total loss replacement
  • Full-timer liability
  • Higher Liability limits
  • High-value RV/bus conversion
  • Commercial usage
  • Companion auto
  • Diminishing deductible
  • Windshield glass
  • Mexico coverage
  • Personal effects coverage

In Mike Adair's words "RV owners should look for personalized customer service in an insurance brokerage, so they can understand their policies and find the answers they need, when they need them,” Adair said. “It’s important that their agent is able to explain things in an easy-to-understand way.”

For more information, visit RVInsurances.com. Or ask your RVDaily.com representative to connect you with the independent brokers at RVInsurances.com to learn about options for insurance coverage on your next RV purchase.

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